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SymmetricDs Community Installation

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The important thing in symmetricDs are :

the source table :
sym_router, sym_trigger and sym_trigger_router                      

sym_router = the replication set from where to where
sym_trigger = define database that be synchronize
sym_trigger_router  = define the database in sym_trigger to use what method that declare in sym_router    

the rule for push or pull in : sym_node and sym_node_group_link

Don't forget to look at Sync.url and registration.url in properties file

for look at other replication datas that replicated can be found at sym_data

if the server was a push server, look at : sym_outgoing_batch                      

if the server was a pull server, look at : sym_incoming_batch and sym_incoming_batch_error                      
and the last are transaction not config

A node is represented by four tables:

Contains basic node information

Contains a single row that identifies the current node

Contains a password need to authenticate with another node

Contains informational data about the node. Updated by SymmetricDS.

Service in SymmetricDs

to install symmetricDs service :

bin/sym_service install

to uninstall symmetricDs service :

bin/sym_service uninstall

to start symmetricDs service :

bin/sym_service start

to stop symmetricDs service :

bin/sym_service stop

to check status symmetricDs service :

bin/sym_service status

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