Sabtu, 20 Januari 2018

How to monitor tmpfs nfs file system in check mk

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I have oracle server, some day the server was down because i was missed monitor the /dev/shm disk, because this mount point is not monitored on check mk by default, the type of this disk is tmpfs, the tmpfs in default configuration was ignored, so we have to make changes to make it monitored, here i shared what i was did to monitor the disk

the picture figure bellow is just illustration because i was forgotten to capture it, this picture show us that the disk not monitored.   

enter to your cmk server and find this path, it depend on your cmk version

figure out df.include file, and edit it
this picture bellow show us the file before edited

edit the df exclude, and remove what do you want not exclude

Restart the check mk site, and update the monitored service in check mk host, and the result will be like picture bellow