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Some useful DB2 command

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Some useful DB2 command

db2cmdOpen DB2 Command line Tool
db2ccOpen DB2 Control Centre
db2startStart Database Normaly
db2stopStop Database Normaly
db2stop forceStop Database forcely
db2 force application allClose all applications that uses DB2 Database.
db2levelDisplay DB2 version and fix pack level
db6levelDisplay DB2 Client Version
db2 terminateClose the database connection
db2_kill -allKill a hanged instance
db2licm -lView license information
db2 connect to <db2sid>Establish connection to an instance
db2 list tablespaces show detailDisplays table space information
db2 get dbm cfgDisplay configuration parameter of database manager.
db2 get db cfg for <db2 sid>Display configuration parameter of an instance
db2 update dbm cfg using <parameter_name> <new value>Change value of a database manager configuration parameter.
db2 update db cfg for <db2 sid> using <parameter_name> <new value>Change value of a instance configuration parameter.
db2 drop database <target db2sid>Delete and instance
db2 activate db <dbsid>Activate Database
db2 deactivate <dbsid>Deactivate an active database
db2 rollforward db <SID> to end of logsApply all pending logs
db2 rollforward db <db2sid> query statusDisplay rollforward status
db2 backup database <sid> to “disk:\location”Take an offline backup to specified location
db2 list utilities show detailDisplay Database backup status
db2 restore db <sid> from “disk:\path” replace history fileRestore database from a backup image
db2topMonitor DB2 like active session, primary logs etc.

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